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Environment Friendly and Pet Safe

Anti-icing is the newest snow and ice control practice. It was pioneered in Europe and involves preventing the formation of bonded snow and ice by timely applications of chemical freeze-point depressants. Relatively small amounts of a liquid chemical applied before or immediately at the start of precipitation.


Liquid Snow Shovel is an Anti-bonding and De-icing agent which is exothermic and hygroscopic by nature. Since Liquid Snow Shovel is generating heat and is already in the brine state before contact with the surface, it is capable of melting snow and ice at a faster rate than dry sodium chloride (rock salt).

Liquid Snow Shovel

Save 50% $
On your current budget, and time removing snow & ice.
Clear & Odorless
LSS is clear and odorless solution.
LSS is environmentally and pet safe as well.
Better Made
LSS is an engineered product with the right chloride levels.