Pothole Repair

Potholes are the most common form of asphalt failure that require immediate repair and/or asphalt replacement.  Potholes are open holes where the asphalt has not only cracked but broken away and separated from a section of the asphalt, creating a void and exposed base rock. There are several potential causes for the formation of potholes.  The following can all be root causes or combination causes for their formation:

  • Asphalt is too thin
  • Asphalt is too old
  • Poor Drainage (Standing Water)
  • Cracks that have not been sealed
  • Weather Conditions (Freezing water that causes expansion)

Luckily, potholes in asphalt can be fixed relatively easily via localized patching.  How the patch is completed will determine if it will hold up to new traffic loadings and weather, or if it will fail again. Here are a few methods that can be used to fix potholes:

  • Sawcut around the entire perimeter of pothole
  • Remove entire section of pothole
  • Apply Tack Coat to base
  • Apply hot mixed asphalt (or a cold-mix, permanent option like Aquapatch)
  • Compact mixture to same height as surrounding asphalt

All Season Innovations can perform all of these steps for you if you need asphalt or pothole repair.