Asphalt Sealcoating

There are many time and cost saving benefits to seal coating your commercial or residential asphalt. This process can extend the life of your asphalt by providing protection from harmful UV rays and damaging chemicals. When sealed properly it will protect your asphalt from oxidation and deterioration that causes the asphalt to become brittle. Seal coating protects your investment by maximizing the life of an important piece of your commercial or residential property.

  • Initially, your driveway or parking lot will receive a thorough cleaning. This will allow the asphalt sealer to adhere properly.
  • Cracks will be sealed to keep out water and prevent further damage. Hot rubber crack sealer is applied at extremely high temperatures to get deep into the crack. As the rubber cools, it solidifies, but stays flexible so it can expand and contract with the thermal movements of the asphalt.
  • Commercial lots receive 2 coats of asphalt sealant that are applied over the entire asphalt area at separate times on the same day, giving it a “rich” flat black appearance. Residential blacktop driveways receive a single heavy coat of asphalt sealant applied over the entire asphalt area the same day.
  • The sealcoating will seal the porous surface of the asphalt. Once dried (average of 24 hours), it forms a tough, protective layer that protects your pavement from the elements and keeps the surface looking new.